Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Click HERE to learn how you can PAINT PORTRAITS with artistic FLAIR like the one shown above! I’ll show you everything you need to know to get a good likeness (no matter what your skill level is) … and then how to go beyond what a camera sees and add that artistic sparkle that brings it alive.
This 39-page Digital Booklet is a surprisingly simple way for ANY artist to create beautiful portraits. It’s just like a live workshop, using the same methods and techniques I used on my TV show. You can view it on your computer or tablet, or print and make it into a booklet.
I provide color mixing recipes for various complexions; explain how to view the planes of light on the head to achieve more lively portraits, and much, much more. I even explain one of Michelangelo’s secrets to getting a good drawing.
PLUS, I include a gallery of additional paintings to keep you inspired. My students have often begged me to put my methods into writing so they could keep them for permanent reference and that led to my popular series of Digital Tutorials.
 Click HERE to get this tutorial and start painting PORTRAITS WITH FLAIR today.

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