Friday, January 9, 2015


I thought I’d share something different today; a new sketch kit I’ve been having fun with. Sometimes I want to knock out a quick sketch when there isn’t a place to sit down or it isn’t practical to set up an easel. I’ve devised a hands-free sketch kit that I can use even when standing in an out-if-the-way spot on a busy tourist street. And it converts instantly to an oil painting kit if I decide to take things a bit further than just a pencil study. The photo below shows me using this kit to do the pencil sketch shown on today’s blog post.
In the photo of me wearing the blue shirt I’m using this kit to sketch. In the shot where I’m wearing a red shirt I’m using same kit to create an oil painting. One of the cool things about this lightweight kit is that it’s so small. It has a shoulder strap, so I can take it with me anywhere and it leaves my hands free. Everything I need is stored safely inside: my sketch materials, my paints, brushes, even my wet paintings. The shoulder bag measures only 8x11 inches and it’s less than 3 inches thick fully loaded.
Here’s a photo of the actual scene that I sketched today, and below is the full page this study was drawn on, which measures 9.5x7 inches. If you’d like to have this sketch, click HERE  to place a bid. Bidding starts at just $1.

During my Plein Air Workshop that begins on the 24th I’ll show this handy kit to my workshop students. If you’d like to join me for that workshop email me for details.

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