Saturday, May 16, 2015


This morning I taught a Plein Air Workshop for a group of other artists, and I began the meeting with a demonstration by painting the 16x10-inch oil painting on canvas shown above.

Part of the demo was about how to handle the relative colors and values in different areas of the painting. For example how the colors and values of the nearby trees compared to the values and hues used in the distant mountains. This is the demonstration painting I did at the start of the session.

I’m showing a close-up detail of the painting also, so the values of these areas can be more easily seen.

I’m also showing a snapshot taken during the workshop, where you can see a few of the other artists and a part of the scenery we were interpreting in our paintings. Overhead you will see some very threatening clouds. And it was more than a threat. Eventually we had rain falling on us, then brilliant sunshine, then more rain, then chilling winds, and so on. It was an interesting morning to say the least.

BTW – if you’d like this painting please email me directly; and make me an offer if you wish.
Thanks for stopping to look.  

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