Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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Two common problems that stop people from painting on vacation are no space for painting gear in their luggage and no time to paint.

The answer is to paint postcard-size and use a compact paint box. My small plein air pochade is my favorite but if you don’t have that, the “micro-kit” like the one shown below works great. And you can make one for yourself in just a few minutes.

This little painting kit can be the difference between no painting fun at all and bringing home wonderful memories.

The paint box shown here is just a small cardboard box with palette paper inside the bottom. A spring clip holds the postcard on the inside of the lid while I paint. A brush or two and some tissues complete the kit.

Small paintings take very little time but they capture big memories.

Whenever you have a few minutes to yourself just grab this kit and go paint something. I’ve used it many times when I had precious little time to paint while traveling.  I carry small tubes of my basic hues and squeeze out my paints on the palette before going out to paint.  I clip my postcard to the lid and I’m good to go.

To store and carry wet paintings I hand-made another small box. I put wax paper slipsheets between wet paintings and stack them on top of each other until later. When it’s convenient I remove the slipsheets and allow the paintings to air dry.

The whole kit will easily fit into a small bag or purse. And it packs safely inside luggage. It’s everything you need to bring back those precious vacation memories. Give it a try this summer.

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