Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Refer To The Altas" by Abstract Artist, Sallie-Anne Swift

"Refer To The Atlas"

36" x 36" Mixed Media on Cradled Panel

The type of inks and paints I use have 
the highest UV rating and deepest pigments available, 
some pigments I purchase are in powder form.
These are very costly but it means my work will stand the test of time 
in preserving the color as well as the finished product. 

My canvas and cradled panels are primed 2-3 times with the 
finest quality gesso and sanded in between coatings to get an ultra 
smooth finish and to guard the paint and ink against future deterioration.
It's a long process and a lot of work but ultimately when 
a buyer purchases one of my unique 3D paintings they can rest assured 
that it will stand the test of time with the use of high quality products. 
This is so important to me and I am sure to any buyers.

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