Sunday, April 3, 2016


CLICK HERE for the 6x6 original oil shown above.
I thought it would be interesting to show the steps involved as I painted this.
     In the images below you can see that I began with a careful pencil sketch to establish the proportions and lighting of this powerful animal. Then I carefully stated the darkest tones.
     That established the foundation for the painting. And with that part of the painting carefully defined it was then a matter of carefully placing each brush stroke in the right place, with the right hue and tonal value. Once the basic animal anatomy was painted I added the final little detail accent strokes that add such life to a painting. And finally I added just enough foreground to give the Bison a solid footing.
     I did this study from photo reference in preparation for a more complex studio painting I plan to do soon. The larger painting will include a number of Bison in the composition and I wanted to work out lighting and color handling. I was quite pleased with how this study turned out and decided to offer it on eBay. This painting will be enjoyed for years to come by someone who appreciates these magnificent animals.  Questions? Email me:

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