Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NEGATIVE and POSITIVE SPACE…a new painting??? with Artist Cecelia Rappaport

"Thirty spokes meet in the hub, but the empty space between them is the essence of the wheel. Pots are formed from clay, but the empty space within it is the essence of the pot. 
Walls with windows and doors form the house, but the empty space within it is the essence of the home." — LAO TSE

 Over the years, I have accumulated quite the possessions, stuff and memories. Just categorizing everything in little labeled piles designated for greatness or the trash (whatever my mood deems appropriate at the time) has proved to bring me a great sense of accomplishment. And, really???? It took me this long to understand why Thursday Trash Pick-up Day made me exhilaratingly happy!!!! Yet, it totally makes sense to me (ha!) as it’s another little step moving to expand, freeing up my heart to express.

 No more dragging my past odds and ends into my future space. No way! I am ready to create newly. Yesterday, I exchanged art notes with two “way-younger-than-me” artists and was quickly reminded that my positive life experiences (represented by the positive shapes) added to some empty freed-up space (the white negative shapes represented below) could just possibly create an interesting painting.

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