Friday, November 7, 2014

New directions! by Lynne Cunningham

Some ideas for you , or your art group!

20" x 16"   Re-Useable  Poster, mounted on board

 the show information such as date, location, time

can be printed and changed out for each show, on letter size paper

Artists often need print materials that helps to describe and publicize their solo and group shows.  A great business card that stands out makes the best introduction.  While the web is a great place to connect and share information, a printed poster or large postcard that is kept on display make more visual and lasting impact.  Brochures are very necessary for gallery owners and for collectors.  

These are examples of what truly works and makes a lasting and good impression.  Print products are designed for an artist's artwork, personality and venue - - - where will you use printed material?  Make sure the print design in postcards, brochures and business cards describes you and is keyed to your personal style of artwork.  

For more, see this site - all work may be done by email or remote!  

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